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My Humble Sissy - Stephanie , Tom - Proud and sheepish sissy gets nailed - Crossdressing gays
Dressed up like an office girl in a white blouse and a black skirt, Stephanie really grows into a role and even gives Tom a slap on the face for his dirty groping. Naturally this sissy gets a slap on the butt in response. After that our playful sissy guy acts a sheepish maiden unwilling to munch on Tom’s meat. Wanna know how long it will take to make this girlified dude take it into his mouth and up the ass for a big creamy load?

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My Humble Sissy - Veronica , Grant - Raw training for a sissified sex pet - Crossdressing gays
Grant treats crossdressed Veronica like his obedient sex pet making her undergo some kinky sissy training. She pants like a dog, licks tea from a saucer and lets her freakish lover humiliate her in every which way. See the boy sticking his fingers into the sissy’s rear end and mouth before unzipping his pants for some oral foreplay. After that Grant thrusts his stiff boner into Veronica’s butthole full force turning her rear into a loose passage.

M2F play leads to a wild anal orgy

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My Humble Sissy - Keith , Kevin - M2F play leads to a wild anal orgy - Crossdressing gays
Keith believes that some M2F role playing can spice up their sex life, so one day she comes down wearing a sexy female dress with nylon tights and high heels. Being caught unawares Kevin nevertheless joins the game and treats this sissy kinkster as a woman. They start with sultry French kisses followed by a wet oral job and deep anal penetration. Kevin gets really carried away fucking the tushie of his sissified lover in every possible way.

The magic of sissification

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My Humble Sissy - Keith , Kevin - The magic of sissification - Crossdressing gays
Wearing his yellow blouse with an ultra mini and footless pantyhose, sissy Keith was waiting for his boyfriend to come down. Well, it was a bit of a surprise for Kevin when he saw his lover dressed like a girl. However, this bold feminization proved to be very effective, for Kevin’s dick was soon in Keith’s mouth and later it was shoved deep into the sissy’s butthole. See how long the magic of sissification can last!

Feminized guy used like a sex pet

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My Humble Sissy - Dennis , Kadeem - Feminized guy used like a sex pet - Crossdressing gays
Kadeem couldn’t understand why his boyfriend should wear female clothes with stockings, a G-string, high heels and other stuff. It made Dennis really upset, yet Kadeem soon warmed up to the idea ready to get it on with his feminized friend. The sissy opened his mouth like a good girl and spread his cheeks for some butt-busting anal. They did it in every which way trying everything from “doggie” to “pile driver” for the massive cum explosion.

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My Humble Sissy - Veronica , Grant - Disguised sissy guy screwed in the kitchen - Crossdressing gays
Though Veronica took off her high heels silently sneaking into the kitchen, it didn’t help her and she was caught by the open fridge. Grant didn’t at first recognize his lover in this sexy blonde chick and was immensely surprised by the sissy’s female disguise. So, since the sissy guy was dressed like a slut, he had to be treated like a slut too. Veronica showed her masterclass in cock-sucking, balls licking and ass-fucking for Grant’s delight.

Pretty sissy screwed in the kitchen

Girlified dude serves blowjob and anal job as aperitif in the kitchen
My Humble Sissy - Stephanie , Tom - Pretty sissy screwed in the kitchen - Crossdressing gays
Feminized Stephanie was ready to serve drinks when she was spotted in the kitchen by her lover Tom who was eager to serve his meat. Well, drinks could wait, while the guy’s rigid pecker couldn’t, so the sissy had no choice but to humbly bend down and swallow that hard-on. Thus one after another it led to scorching hot butt-drilling right in the kitchen with this naughty sissy taking a nice wad of cum onto his buns.

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My Humble Sissy - Kelly , Jeff - Glamour sissy treated like shit - Crossdressing gays
Wearing a black see-thru dress with a string of pearls, sissy Kelly looked like a vintage diva. Spotting her lover’s clothes on the sofa she really freaked out when she suddenly heard Jeff’s steps and hid behind the curtain. Imagine the boy’s surprise when he saw this dressed in Marilyn Monroe style sissy crawling towards him. Jeff treated Kelly like a whore kicking her from the sofa, spanking and trampling her before giving access to his meat.